I’m a twenty-something who really hates blog posts that tries to tell all twenty-somethings what to do.

For an entire year I wrote a blog post every single Wednesday. You’re right, I totally do deserve a nobel prize. And now I post infrequently on any Wednesday that gives me inspiration. And those seem to have become few and far between. But I’m working on it, gosh, get off my back, you aren’t my mom.

(Unless you are in which case I’m so sorry mom I love you and I swear I only write nice things about you.)

The name “marecredi” is a play on the French word for Wednesday, which is “mercredi”. No, I’m not French (if you’re looking for some posh foreign blog to read and brag to your friends, you’ve come to the wrong place). I changed the spelling because my name is Marryl, a nickname of which is “Mare”. Get it? MARE-credi? I post on WEDNESDAY? Huh? Huhhh?? Shush, I thought it was cute.

Why Wednesdays? I suppose I could come up with some snazzy and deeply pondered answer, like Wednesdays are in the middle of the week and represent perserverence through tough times and realizing that you’re stronger than you think because you’re half way there or something. But really I just like puns. I don’t have favourites when it comes to days of the week. What do you think I am, prejudice? Jeez.

I could write more about myself but really I think you’d learn most by reading what I write each week. I mean, if you want to or whatever.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. “But how can I “over” think about something, really? What exactly is the threshold for thinking, and who came up with it? I think a lot about a lot of things. Not consciously; I don’t have regularly scheduled ponder sessions (but I’m totally calling them that now). And I don’t know what thoughts are going to end up on this blog, and I don’t expect to even know while I’m writing. This is kind of just a way for me to decode my mind and lay out all these supposedly “over thought” thoughts to figure out at what point the world thinks I should have stopped thinking . You know, I think that all the stuff you think after the point where everyone says, “stop thinking!” is where you find the best thoughts.”

    This sounds like it belongs in a novel, perhaps one of John Green (This is a compliment and I am only stating that it is a compliment incase you are not a fan of John Green and thought otherwise). You have a great writing style and I look forward to your future posts.

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