New Beginnings

It is 10:00pm, my computer is overheating like a a menopausal woman, and I don’t know where this steam-of-consciousness came from, but here goes.

I am feeling oddly optimistic about my life. I feel like there are a lot of changes that are going to happen to me soon and I am going to experience a lot of different things. New beginnings, as the title says. Sometimes I find I can get pretty down on my life: I’m stuck in some rut, everything is very stagnant, nothing is exciting. But I’m feeling kind of excited. About nothing in particular, just about life running its course. About friendships and relationships and the future and stuff. I’m not very spiritual and I don’t normally think about the universe but I guess right now the universe and I seem to be on pretty cool terms.

You know what I’m not on cool terms with? My house. Because my house it not cool. It is a thousand degrees. Sorry, laptop.

(My laptop’s name is Alaska, if anyone is curious.)


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