3 pro-tips from 3rd year

Apparently I’m done third year. Well that’s pretty dope. That also means I really have no excuse for skipping out on blog posts. And what better thing to do than to sum up my year? This year was… a lot of things, and I learned a lot of things from it. So I could not possibly talk about everything, but I’ll talk about at least some things. I’m no certified life coach, but I like to talk about myself on the internet, and I also like the number 3. So here are 3 (perhaps unconventional) things I have learned in 3rd year.


1. Friendships change and you just kind of have to go with it

This year I had a falling out with very close friend. This year I grew so close with preexisting friends. This year I made brand new friends. They always say that you leave high school with very few of the friends you started out with, which is true, but experiencing dramatic changes in your friendships doesn’t stop after high school. Nothing is ever for certain, friendships especially, and I learned that the hard way this year. It sucked and it hurt and I still don’t really understand it. But sometimes you have to accept that other people are going to make choices that affect you but that you can’t do anything about.

Meanwhile, this year I built up friendships I already had but didn’t see the amazing potential of before. I’ve offered all my love and support to those who matter to me, and I’ve also been shown incredible amounts of love in return. This year I was so amazed to be told how much I mean to the people around me. I don’t need to be complimented in order to do nice things, but it is wonderful to be told how much you are appreciated by the people you yourself appreciate uninhibitedly.

All I can say is keep your heart and your mind open to everyone around you, because the world is full of loving people who want to offer their heart in return, and who could very well change your life for the better. Love and you will be loved. Let yourself be loved and you’ll find your strength within to love. Don’t stress or dwell. People will come into and leave your life for no more complicated of a reason than they just do.

2. Never assume that someone likes you without definitive proof.

God, that sounds so high school. It also sounds kind of mean. I swear I have a point. I often think my life is a made-for-tv-Disney-channel-rom-com. This year seemed to be my year of dealing with boys thinking I had feeling for them when I didn’t. General rule of thumb: if you think I’m flirting with you, I’m probably not. It’s just my personality. And while this is all fairly harmless, I was put into some rather compromising and stressful situations and subject to a lot of gossip that just didn’t need to happen. On the reverse end, I was also in a situation where I thought someone was on the same level with me when evidently he was not. You know what they say when you assume. But really, you or someone else gets hurt, or things get weird. I’ve hurt people, but not on purpose. I’ve been hurt, which I hope wasn’t on purpose. I bet a lot of that could have been avoided with a hella lot more communication. Be a loving person, but remember that there are two sides to every coin. TALK about it. Respect people and understand the fragility of human emotions. Don’t draw unjustified conclusions. Look at facts objectively. Communicate communicate communicate.

3. It DOES matter what other people think

Woah woah woah Marryl, what are you saying? You just contradicted every Dove campaign video I’ve ever seen! Calm down; I promise this is some solid advice. At multiple points throughout this year, particularly the last week, I’ve let the voice in my head drown out the voices of those around me. And let me tell you, that voice wasn’t very nice. I was hypercritical of everything I did, and at times really tore myself down. I wasn’t talented, I wasn’t successful, I wasn’t beautiful, I wasn’t a good person, I wasn’t worth it. Meanwhile the wonderful group of people I’ve surrounded myself with were telling me the exact opposite. But even though those voices were against mine at a ratio of fifty to one, mine still always took home the trophy. Until I realized over the past couple days that these people love me and care about me and also wouldn’t lie to me. Be your own person, do your thing, don’t let others tell you how to live your life. But DO let others tell you you’re doing a great job at living your life. Listen to other people when they tell you what you can’t tell yourself, because odds are they are very right.


School is great, but life on its own is a prestigious institution that you can learn so much from without going into financial debt. Take time once in a while to reflect on your life and the lessons you’ve learned from it. It’s far too easy to take it all for granted and miss out on important things that could shape you as a person.