Getting my academic shit together

Sorry for the profanity. That wasn’t very academic of me. That’s why I said “getting” and not “got.” It’s a work in progress.

At the risk of sounding very #newyearnewme, this semester I feel very motivated to motivate myself more with school. Today I was sitting in my first lecture of the year, marking due dates in my planner, and I thought, “yo, this semester, I totally got this.” And maybe I don’t actually, but I will. Or at least I want to.

I like school. That’s a notch down from K-12 when I loved school. School used to be a huge deal to me, and now I’ve stopped caring as much as I used to. I’ve felt for the past two and a half years that I’ve just been getting by, and not particularly excelling. Just trying to survive, ya know? But what am I really getting out of that?

I want to succeed and excel and actually do my readings and kick ass on tests and hand essays in two weeks early and become besties with profs and go back to the days when I loved school and school loved me. I’ve been doing just fine up until now: I do my assignments and I have a pretty decent GPA, but I want to do work that I’m really proud of. Hopefully I can hold myself to it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to resist the urge to sleep because I have like four plays to read.


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