Be kind

Life is hard. So don’t make it harder for anyone.

I say this to myself a lot, and I want to say it to everyone. Because it’s a very true statement, and something I think is necessary to live by. Life can be difficult and stressful and, some days, unbearable. Everyone is aware of this. So the worst thing you can do is make it any more difficult for anyone.

Be kind. Say nice things. Think before you say something harsh and hurtful. Listen. Don’t put people down. Don’t exclude. Keep the gossip to a minimum. Don’t speak poorly of someone who considers you a friend. Don’t judge someone before you know them. And don’t judge them poorly after you know them, because you never truly know a person as well as you thing. Read that impulsive text a few times over before you send it. Say what you mean and mean what you say, but don’t say mean things. Don’t ignore people. Be understanding and compassionate and empathetic. Share your baked good.

Sounds like common sense, but I think we forget to be nice way too often. Everyone has bad days and bad moods, but I don’t think this is an excuse to contribute to anyone else’s bad day. Take your words and actions into careful consideration, and think what affect they will have on those around you.

I know I’m not perfect at this, but I would like to work on it. I would like to be less selfish and see everything from someone else’s point of view. Because I know how easily I can be hurt or disheartened, and I would hate to be responsible for making someone else feel the same.

Life is hard for everyone. We all experience stress and struggles and rough days, and I think that because of this we need to work harder to make life easier for everyone by not making it any harder. And in turn, I think your days will get better, too.

Oh, and smile more. Smiles go a long way.


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