To do list

I have a lot of things to get done over the next three weeks. I always have a lot of things to get done. I make to do list after to do list in an attempt to organize my life. This summer I even bought a super cute Kate Spade book of lists to encourage me. But honestly, to do lists are the worst. Oh yeah, sure, you get that initial rush of, “YEAH, look at me, I’ve got my life together!” Until you actually read over the list, then on comes the sinking feeling that you eventually need to do all of the things you have to do. So I decided to make a not scary to do list of things that I actually want to get done, for fun.


1. Sleep for at least 12 hours in one night. Can you imagine?

2. Eat the contents of the partially-consumed tub of PC Candy Cane Ice Cream currently in my freezer.

3. Feel no guilt for #2

4. Finish watching “Almost Famous” on Netflix. Because it’s pretty interesting so far and Kate Hudson is great.

5. Paint my nails.

6. Hang out with those friends I keep saying I’ll hang out with.

7. Make Christmas cards.

8. Online shop without restriction.

9. Snuggle with my cat. Never let go.

10. Bake Christmas treats for no one in particular, and give to anyone I run into, just because.

11. Marathon every Harry Potter movie, including extra footage.

12. Draw. Or paint. Or just make art in general.

13. Go home.


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