I painted a thing


I don’t like sharing art on the internet. I feel like I’m bragging. So I apologize.

But I worked hard on this so whatever.

Last Christmas I got a beautiful set of oil paints, as well as new brushes, a palate knife, canvases, etc. I may have shed a tear that Christmas. I’m an art nerd, I know. From then I started conceiving this idea for a piece in my mind, with not much idea of how I would do it, let alone when. I wanted to paint during the second semester, but then I remembered I had zero free time. So this loose concept for a painting turned into my summer project.

I like art as a form of self-therapy and expression, which is what inspired this painting. Not to beat a dead horse, but I have scoliosis, and every time I mention it I feel like everyone thinks, “yeah okay Marryl we get it.” But scoliosis sucks and it scary and sometimes I hate my body for being stupid and not a normal person body. And that’s where art comes in.

This painting, a self portrait of sorts, is a view of my back with my spine visible, which I based off of my own x-ray. I’m a fan of paint that jumps off the canvas so I didn’t thin the paint out at all and played with texture, so you can feel the brush strokes and grooves of the paint when you run your fingers across it (which is called impasto). The colours don’t have too much reason to them, other than they look nice together, and I muted the colours with their compliments. It looks much better in person because you can see the details up close. So if you’re every at my house, please feel free to saunter into my room to look at it.

But yeah. I painted this. I don’t know. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s the first real oil painting I’ve done outside of school, which almost makes me feel like a real artist.

Soooooo yeah.

I swear I’m not trying to brag.

Don’t hate me please.


2 thoughts on “I painted a thing

  1. Dear Marryl
    I found your blogpost on the Internet and just love your painting.
    I also have scoliosis, and at the moment I write about ‘How yoga can correct Scoliosis’. May I use your painting as a cover picture?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

    • Hello Birgitte! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it! And I’m very honoured you wish to us it. You are welcome to, just as long as you give credit and a link to my blog along with the photo. And please send me a link to the article you use the painting for; I’d love to read it!

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