I am in love

And it’s about time I talk about it.

I don’t know what sparked this desire to openly talk about my love life. Maybe it’s because I’ve finally come to realize my true feelings. Not to say these feelings weren’t there before, because they have definitely been there for a long time now. Certain situations recently have just provoked me into seeing the truth.

Guys, I am deeply, deeply in love.

With food.

(I’ll allow a moment for all of the boys who have a crush on me and are currently lined up outside my door to breathe a sigh of relief and slow their heart rates. Not to worry, boys, I’m still single.)

I am just so in love with food. Food of all kinds. Dessert food. Savoury food. Junk food. Healthy food. Cold food. Hot food. Homemade food. Restaurant food. I just love food. I have a passion for eating, and I would do it all day, every day if I didn’t want to have to worry about buying a new pair of pants every other week.

But this is no easy love. No, sometimes my love for food is a star-crossed love. Sometimes I just don’t have as much time to commit to food as I would like. Or I don’t have the means to enjoy this delicious food. Or sometimes I have to make sacrifices because I just don’t have the dolla dolla bills. It is a tough relationship to keep up, and sometimes I just want to give up and go hungry. But then I remember the wonderful, wonderful feeling I get from a really good meal.

Like I said, food has been the love of my life for really my whole life. But this year I became entirely dependent on myself for the things I consume, so my connection to food has grown even deeper. Boys come and go, but food is forever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the kitchen calls.


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