The fate of marecredi

I almost forgot to write this.

I won’t bore you with the gory details about how busy I am because every is busy and I am not any more important than the rest of the world. But I’m kinda very busy. And I will only get busier. But hey, I love what I’m doing so no complaints.

(Well, a few complaints.)

Over the summer I was wondering what would happen to this blog when I went back to school, because I knew life was going to get real cray. I thought maybe I would change to every other Wednesday, but I felt like I would be betraying myself. That’s why I’ve never missed a week. It’s partly because I would regret it for personal reasons, and partly because I know people would call me out on it. Or maybe not. Maybe no one really cares that much. Why do I care so much? The world will not come to an end if I don’t publish one week, so why does it matter?

Every answer I can come up with is too wishy washy and fake sounding, so I’ll spare you that. Really I just don’t want to break the commitment I’ve made, even though I don’t know who exactly I’ve made this commitment to. Myself? You? The gods of WordPress? WHO KNOWS. For now I’ll try to write every week because saying I don’t have time is a load of crap because I can probably scrounge up fifteen minutes in my day to fill your newsfeed with my nonsense rambling (which I’ve done now).

I promise to announce if and when my posting dates will change before skipping a week, if I ever need to. I don’t know who I’m making this promise to. I don’t know. Who cares. DOES ANY OF THIS EVEN MATTER.

I clearly need to sleep. And eat.


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