See ya later alligators

I move back to school tomorrow and I’m not entirely packed and YEAH NO I’M TOTALLY CALM ABOUT IT AHAHAHA…

(Kay so maybe I’m panicking a little.)

This will be short because I just don’t have the energy. I’m really excited about finally going back for a multitude of reasons, but it’s hard to fully realize that excitement when I have the horror of auditions awaiting me when I get back. And I’m also not as down to leave this city as I have been in the past. I’m kind of sort of really freaking out over everything I’m leaving behind because this summer has presented me with some not so great changes, and now things will be taken entirely out of my control when I’m 100 kilometres away. I wrote a long and emotionally driven blog post expanding on this that I was going to post today, but I realized it wasn’t going to help in any way. Sometimes parts of life don’t pan out how you expect and it really sucks, but you just have to deal with it and try to move on.

But hey, third year will be hella dope. I’ll be back with friends I haven’t seen in forever, I’ll be in some awesome classes and productions, and maybe I’ll get over my habit of saying words like “hella” and “dope”. But let’s be real, that’ll never happen.

I hope everyone who reads this blog had a wonderful summer. And if you’re at all worried about going back to school, it’s cool. Change just means that life is moving forward, and I would much prefer life to move forward than for it to stop.

No but seriously I’m staring at an open suitcase as a single tear rolls down my cheek OKAY GOTTA GO BYE.


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