I didn’t write this post.

What is friendship to you? To me it’s warm summer nights, a stuffed fat cow, and friend who is weirdly obsessed with it. And sings to it. Allison is a special one. But it’s in these moments that I realize, even though I don’t understand this strange love for this stuffed cow, I still remain her friend. Now this mis amigos, is true friendship.

I read an inspirational quote on Pinterest that said, “friends are the family you choose.” And while it’s incredibly cheesy, I love my friends like they’re my family. Even when we’re tired of each other’s very presence, at the end of the day, they’re the family I chose. And today was a reminder for me that they’re the family I’m going to keep choosing for as long as they’ll have me. Cheesy, but true. Sorry ’bout it.




Minor distraction.
So ya. Friendship is is pretty cool. it’s the crazy moments that are one second stupidly stupid and the next super real. All in all I love my friends a stupid amount ( I know I used the word stupid a lot but I’m over it)
Here’s to friendship.


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