I’m the younger sibling so I don’t know if I’m allowed to get all sentimentally reminiscent, but whatever. I’ve always been taller, so I can technically call myself the “big sister.”

This past Monday my big bro Willson (I know, my parents came up with the coolest names) graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelors in… philosophy? With psych and sociology, I think? I don’t even know; he owns the complete works of Plato. Regardless, he graduated and that’s super dope. I feel like people forget how much of an accomplishment it is to complete university.

My brother is only seventeen months older than me (that’s just less than a year and a half, if you don’t want to do the math), which is a blissful age difference. We were two grades apart in school so we could do our own thing, but we could also play together as kids and relate to one another as adults. And we actually get along very well, and kind of always have. We fought as youngins over dumb things like TV and the computer and games of “I touched you last”. We both got some good beats in when things got aggressive. We tattled on each other and subsequently denied everything. But our fights were never serious, and now I couldn’t tell you when was the last time we argued. It was wonderful growing up with someone so close in age because he was a built in friend who was there all the time to do cool stuff with, and while my brother and I have never been “besties”, he’s a super chill kid and I’m glad he’s around. Nowadays we don’t really have heart to hearts or talk about relationships and life struggles because that’s not the kind of family we are, but we have some solid chats fairly often and go for ice capp runs. My brother and I just kind of get each other.

Since he’s older, growing up I kind of always aspired to be like my brother. If he climbed the barrier wall to walk along it instead of the path, I did too. Could I climb up there as easily as he could? Heck no. But I did it. I played with trucks and lego and video games. I watched Pokemon and Digimon and Naruto. And in exchange he played the occasional game of Barbies. (Sorry, guys, I’m not trying to promote gender conformity, but I grew up in the 90s when there was a lot less protesting of “pink for girls and blue for boys”.) Even though I was taller, I looked up to my brother because he was older and cooler and I wanted to do everything he did. And now I still do. My brother is so smart and talented, and I am so proud of him for finishing university. BECAUSE THAT’S A BIG FLIPPIN DEAL, YO. I don’t have many doubts that I won’t graduate in two years, but I still aim to do it just like him. Just like I climbed those walls and rode those roller coasters and did a lot of scary things to prove I could do it too.

So now my brother is at home, but being far from lazy. He has a full time salary job as a web developer for a marketing company in town. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Kid’s a genius, I swear. Every time I walk past him on his laptop, he’s typing out lines of code in some computer language I don’t understand. He’s made websites that do such cool things, just for fun. But I doubt he’ll be here for long; I swear in the next couple year he’ll be off in California or Washington working for Amazon or something. And I will be so flippin proud of him when he’s there. Especially if he pays for my visiting plane ticket.

Keep on keeping it real, Broski.


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