12 weird things about me

I am convinced that I am a fairly uninteresting person. I am even more convinced that I am a very weird person. Here are some reasons why.


1. When I cut sandwiches in half, I cut them in specific ways for different sandwiches. Grilled cheese is always cut corner to corner to make two triangles. Peanut butter and jam/banana is always cut top to bottom to make two rectangles. Don’t ask why, I don’t know. It’s just a thing.


2. I can’t wear socks when I sleep. I just can’t.


3. I write the lowercase letter ‘a’ like a fancy ‘a’ because one time at theatre camp when I was 8 a girl wrote her ‘a’s like that and I thought it was so cool so I forced myself to fall into the habit of doing the same.


4. I went to two years of preschool before I went to kindergarten so I have been in school for literally 18 years, and I’m only (almost) 21.


5. I have never seen The Notebook.


6. I once won a bike at the circus. I got a program that had a raffle ticket in it, and they called out the numbers and they were my numbers. I had to go down to claim my prize, and I shook hands with this guy and posed for a photo that a woman was taking of us. The guy asked if the woman was my mom. She wasn’t. The bike was purple. I’m also pretty sure that I was a little too tall for it because, you know, I’m a giant.


7. I haven’t had McDonald’s since I was 7.


8. I have been 5’11 since the 10th grade, when I was 14 or 15. So I have been this tall for the past 6 years. If you think I’m tall now, imagine what it was like when I started high school.


9. I have never broken a bone, sprained anything seriously, been stung by a bee, or really just generally injured myself. I’ve sprained a few fingers playing basketball, but that’s really it. Maybe I should be less cautious.


10. I like pizza sauce. I like ketchup. I like tomato juice. I like salsa. I like tomato sauce. I like tomato soup. I like bruschetta. But I don’t like just straight tomatoes.


11. When I was little my mother refused to speak to me in baby talk because she thought it was stupid and counterproductive. So she would ask little baby Marryl sitting in her high chair, “Marryl, would you like more peas? Yes, you would like more peas? Here you go, Marryl, here are some more peas.”

Mother, I thank/blame you for my extensive/annoying vocabulary.


12. My favourite food is asparagus. Weird, I know.


One thought on “12 weird things about me

  1. I enjoy the paradox at the beginning of the post where you say that you are both uninteresting and weird. It fits with the overall message of normal people doing or feeling strange things. This, read with irony slathered all over it, gives the post life and voice.

    I also enjoy your use of short list additions in the middle of large ones because it disrupts the flow of the post. I can hear you saying “Oh, by the way” with the short ones, even though they carry as much importance as the long posts. Again, a great sense of humour.

    The spacing is great here, too, because each though reads as a separate thought rather than a continuum, which I gather is the idea here. I look forward to seeing more weekly Wednesday writing.

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