I don’t really feel like writing about finally being done school and home for the summer. Partly because the Raptors game is on and I’m distracted, and partly because I’d be dooming this post to be hella boring.

I mean, it’s cool being home. It was a little sad leaving school. I’m happy it’s summer. Being a don was great. Second year was bearable. I met some neat people. I’m somewhat looking forward to next year. It’s nice to be able to sleep.


I guess I’m not really feeling it this week. All I have to write about is my every day life, and I don’t find my every day life to be much of a thrill. Maybe I need to do something interesting, like join a cult, or fight crime under a pseudonym.

Though I guess if I were to be under a pseudonym I couldn’t write about it on this blog, because it would reveal my secret identity.

Maybe I could be like Peter Parker and pretend like I’m besties with my super hero alter ego so I have all the intel on her crime fighting but am sworn to secrecy about her (my) real identity. Now THAT would make for a good blog post.

But alas, I’m just boring old Marryl.

Maybe I’ll go on some crazy adventures this summer? The world is my oyster, so they say. Although this summer I’ll be working full time 40+ hours a week and also taking two online courses through Waterloo. So stranger’s gardens and a stack of textbooks are my oyster. Though I’m taking a French class for the first time in two and a half years so I’ll hopefully relearn how to speak French, which is pretty dope.

(Side note: I’ve adopted the habit of using words like “dope” and “yo” and “hella”. I’m working on contextualizing “clutch”. Why? Who knows. I’m probably annoying a lot of people.)

Anyway. That’s enough of this dull post. I’ll work on building up enough energy to last me through the next handful of Wednesdays to produce something that’s actually interesting.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the Raptors are up by nine and I need to go yell at them when they inevitably start to lose their lead.


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