Shoutout to my homeboys in Sweden

While I’m at it, hello to India, Jamaica, Indonesia, Taiwan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, along with a couple more handfuls of countries that I probably couldn’t point to on a map.

Last Wednesday I wrote a fairly sarcastic Oscar thank you speech that had very little to do with the actual Academy Awards and was mostly focused on my angsty feelings towards people who try to tell me what I can and cannot do. Nevertheless, a Spanish business blog wrote an article about blogs to visit before the Oscars and indicated my post to be one of them. Yes, you read correctly, a Spanish business blog. Why they sought interest in the weekly ramblings of 20 year old girl having a quarter-life crisis is news to me. I would have thought that my blog was none of their business. Ha ha… ha…

POINT BEING, their reference to my post lead to a lot of traffic on my blog from twenty-four countries situated in every habitable continent on this planet. I openly admit to narcissistically staring at the list with wide eyes, wondering how four people from Slovenia read my blog. And where exactly Slovenia is. I want to emphasize that I am not trying to brag. I am not trying to namedrop. I say “trying” because I know in truth I totally am. IT’S JUST KIND OF REALLY COOL, OKAY.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I in any way will now think of my blog as the greatest thing to grace this earth since it is so popular with so much of this earth. For all I know, none of the people from all of these countries actually read my post. The magic is already wearing off and will likely be totally gone once I peruse the stats for this week’s post. But my geographical excitement a decent segue into something I’d like to talk about.

I really do not understand the dramatic importance and politics of separations of countries. I’m almost positive that the seven billion plus people who exists all inhabit the same planet earth. So why is it that we fight each other? Why do we not allow one another to travel across geographical space freely? Why do we have vastly different rules and laws and systems of government based on imaginary lines in the sand? I am no expert on the ins and outs of treating the planet in a global context nor am I going to google it. Because this post is not my response to an idea after I educate myself. It’s more along the lines of, “I am a human being who has to deal with all this nonsense and this is what I think about it from a very simple minded viewpoint.”

People and governments spend so much time worrying about who is coming in and out of their country, how long they will be staying, and what horrible things they have the capacity of doing. If I wanted to pack of my life, move to Belgium, and open an antique teacup shop, I would have to deal with stacks of paperwork and spend a lot of money and time just trying to obtain permission to do so. Why. No, but seriously, think about it, why? I can’t move to another country with ease because someone is telling me that is is a different place from the one I am currently in so I can’t. But really, don’t we all live in the same place? I’m not trying to be all hippie-dippie with my we-are-all-one mindset; I’m just trying to be logical. And logically speaking, we do all live in the same place. The planet is one place. You may argue that countries screen those who are immigrating because they could pose a threat and enact a feat of terrorism on their country. I am not a terrorist (I don’t think), but I can only assume that anyone who wishes to do harm to another country is mildly encouraged by the idea that it is another country. We are provoking feelings of hostility among countries by indicating vast differences between them when we seriously just all live in the same place. Those lines on maps? Yeah I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they don’t actually tangibly exist.

This brings me to my biggest opinion on the topic, which is perhaps my most controversial: I believe that all war is civil war. If you try to tell me that a North American country and a European country attacking, disrupting, and killing one another is politically acceptable because they are both defending the beliefs and land of their own separate group of people, I call bullshit. WE ARE ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. WE ALL LIVE IN THE SAME PLACE. We all breathe the same air, we all swim in the same oceans, we all dig holes in the same dirt. But someone decided to go around and draw lines with invisible marker, dividing us forever and messing everything up.

As far as I’m aware, we are the only people living on the only inhabitable planet in this solar system. All we have is this earth and each other. I realize I am no expert on the subject, but perhaps that gives me a greater insight. I get really annoyed by simply illogical things that no one else seems to realize, and why we all abide by the separations that nearly no currently living human being helped create is perhaps the greatest of them all.

Though I suppose that if country divides did not exist, I wouldn’t be so excited about my reader in Viet Nam. Or Romania. Or the two from Turkey.

OKAY I’m done bragging I promise.


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